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Secrets Fine Food is an online grocery store delivering its products to Dubai, Singapour and Abu Dhabi.

  • Your yacht provisioner in Abu Dhabi

    Your yacht provisioner will help you create the most pleasurable experience for your guests.  We take the pressure off your shoulders by advising and helping you plan extensively as to avoid unwanted stress and bad surprises.


  • The exceptional Kobe beef

    Worldwide known as the best, the beef of Kobe is also the most expensive and the rarest. The intense marbling, the colors of the fat and of the muscles make part of the criteria.


  • Discover the Wagyu beef

    Wagyu meat is distinguished from other meats by a high rate of marbling: this tightly packed vein of fat in the heart of the meat is the first characteristic.


  • Online shopping Dubai

    Whether you want to impress your guests with a marvelous dinner or to bring some fantasy to your daily cooking experiments, Secrets Fine Food is the best online retailer in Dubai!


  • Online shopping Abu Dhabi

    For your needs in delicatessen, luxury food or everyday items, shop online at