Discover the Wagyu beef


Wagyu meat is distinguished from other meats by a high rate of marbling: this tightly packed vein of fat in the heart of the meat is the first characteristic. This marbling carries a name: the "shimofuri". It is scored on a scale of 1 to 12, knowing that the best meats start only from a score of 6.

Where is he from ?


Levingston Farms is a cooperative of passionate breeders in the Victoria region of Australia. These breeders are selected for their qualities of facilities, and their hectares of land, to raise Wagyu Pure Blood. They are raised, slaughtered and cut into Kobe, graded A4 and A5 with high marbling (see Japan Meat Grading Association documentation). Only 4,700 of them can be sold with this Kobe appellation.

wagyu beef

How to cook Wagyu beef ?


For an optimal cooking we recommend :
- remove the meat from the fridge at least 2 hours before cooking,
- cooking in a frying pan or a very hot plate,
- adding fat (grape seed oil),
- in order to diffuse at best its aromas the piece must be just grasped and caramelized, to taste bleeding,
- add coarse salt and cut into cubes.

Where to order Wagyu beef in Dubai ?

Many restaurants in Dubai offer to their wealthiest customers to eat quality meat. In order to eat wagyu beef dubai, we recommend these different places where you will be sure to find your happiness :
- The Exchange Grill, Fairmont Dubai,
- JW’s Steakhouse, JW Marriott Hotel,
- Fire & Ice, Raffles Dubai.

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