The exceptional Kobe beef


Worldwide known as the best, the beef of Kobe is also the most expensive and the rarest. The intense marbling, the colors of the fat and of the muscles make part of the criteria. For more than 1800 years, any Wagyu cattle bred in Kobe can be legally labelled "Kobe beef".

The Wagyu beef, a japanese specialty


The Japanese Wagyu cattle is raised in the Kobe region, in the Hyogo Prefecture. Only the Wagyu beef refers to that historically Japanese breeding. The rules of production of that very specific breed are very strict in order to produce a particular meat, whose fat melts in the mouth. Nothing tastes like this. The quality is exceptional.

Every five years, a National Wagyu Competition (the Wagyu Olympics) with animals coming from all the country is organized in Japan.

Preparation and cooking of the beef of Kobe

Cooking a Kobe steak is quite easy. First, place the meat at the room temperature for some minutes. Lightly oil the steak. When the grill is very hot, put the steak on. Let it one to two or three minutes then turn it. Salt and pepper. Wait some minutes before tasting that meat known for its marbling characterics, its flavor, its tenderness and its juiciness.

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Kobe beef

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